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Policies & Height Requirements

Please follow all the rules of the park before entering


Children under 13 years of age may NOT be at the park without adult supervision. Regardless, we

strongly recommend that minors (under 18) be accompanied by an adult.

The Park does not assume any responsibility or liability for unattended minors; children and the

behavior of all minors are the sole responsibility of their parent(s) or guardian(s), and

parents/guardians may be held legally liable for all acts of the children under their care. Please make

sure that minors act responsibly, and in consideration of others, always. For example: No running; no

twirling on banisters; no climbing on structures or sitting on fences; no “horseplay” (e.g., wrestling,

gymnastics, playing “tag,” throwing rocks or other items at each other, etc.) especially on rides, ride

lines, in food areas or around other guests.

Please remember that the Park is NOT a daycare facility. Anyone choosing to leave their minors at

an amusement park is still responsible for them—in no event does the Park assume that

responsibility. Minors in violation of Park rules may be ejected or detained, at the Park’s discretion,

as evaluated in a case-by-case basis. While the Park may in good faith attempt to contact a minor’s

parent/guardian to have them picked up, this is done out of concern and courtesy, but in no event will

the Park be held responsible if a minor leaves the Park, or for anything occurring after a minor has

left the Park grounds.

We greatly appreciate your help in responsibly monitoring and controlling any minors in your care.

If you cannot locate your child in the park, our Park staff is here to assist you. Please feel free to

alert a staff member who will be happy to assist you in locating your child. That said, please note that

we do not page guests. We recommend that as you enter the park, you decide on a meeting place

should you be separated from any minors under your care.

  • Weapons, Selfie Sticks, Hoverboards & Other Prohibited Items

All of the following are strictly prohibited items which will (minimally) subject the guest to

immediate ejection without refund, and which (where appropriate) may result in the park

contacting authorities for law enforcement action and holding the guest at the Park to await

the authorities.  Park always reserves the right to conduct Bag Checks (and to utilize other

security measures, such as metal detectors), and to refuse entry (without refund) to anyone

refusing a thorough bag check or to comply with other security measures.

o Weaponry and Inherently Dangerous Objects/Substances.  Weaponry of any

kind is strictly prohibited at the park, including without limitation in parked cars,

concealed on one’s person, or carried in bags, including without limitation:  Firearms,

knives and other cutting instruments, letter openers, scissors, box cutters, bats, billy

clubs, blackjacks, collapsible canes, arrow tips, projectiles, crossbows and sling-

shots of any size, mace, pepper spray, tasers, brass-knuckles, chains, canes carried

as a weapon or which conceal a weapon, martial arts weaponry,  anything which is

intended to be used to bind or subdue people such as slip-ties or handcuffs, and

tools (screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, chisels, pruning shears, multi-tool knives, etc.). 

Additional prohibited items include anything which is inherently dangerous to

persons or property, which could be used as a weapon or which could foreseeably

cause harm to persons or property, including without limitation, fireworks, explosives

or detonation devices of any kind, ammunition, hazardous chemicals or other

substances, including acids or other items which appear suspicious to Park


o Selfie-Sticks (including without limitation any other form of photographic tripod, or

hand-held camera extension device), are strictly prohibited in the park.  You will be

blocked at the entrance if you have a selfie-stick on your person, and you may be

ejected without refund if you are found to be in possession of a selfie-stick on Park

grounds.  Selfie-sticks pose significant safety and security hazards.

o Hoverboards, skateboards, unicycles, stilts, pogo sticks, spring-loaded footwear,

Segways, bicycles, and other mobility devices, roller skates and other toys or

mobility-methods of convenience.  (If you need a wheelchair or scooter, we are of

course happy to accommodate you; please see our Guests with Disabilities section

herein).  Amusement parks are crowded places, and the only way to keep our

common areas safe is to ensure that people do not have devices which create an

unreasonable and heightened risk of injury to people.

o Spray paint, magic markers, glass objects or bottles, spiked clothing, jewelry (which

is large, sharply edged, or spiked, such that it poses a safety concern).

o Beach umbrellas, tents, pop-up tents.

o Balloons are allowed but must be tied down.

o Radios/boom boxes, musical instruments.


Safety is always #1 at the Park.  Our goal is to accommodate all guests to enable them to fully

enjoy our Park. 

Park Safety Standards – General Principles. Please understand that people may be excluded or

removed from certain rides, attractions, areas of the park, and/or certain activities, in the interests of

safety as determined by Park personnel. 

This may include, but is not limited to, concerns with sight-disabled people who need adequate

eyesight to safely engage in an activity, height and weight restrictions, mobility and/or use and

existence of all limbs in a stable and coordinated manner, a clear and alert mind which is unaffected

by mental disability or other hindrance, being under the influence of any substances (whether legal

or illegal, drugs or medications, alcohol, or any other chemicals and substances), signs of heat

illness, any loose headwear or clothing or apparel which may damage property or pose a hazard to a

guest or others, and whether or not a person may appear to be ill or injured or otherwise unable to

safely participate.

For Your Safety:

o Pay Attention.  Please watch where you are going. Amusement parks are crowded places

with many distractions, elevations in surfaces, landscaping, tree roots, rocks, man-made

structures, patron possessions left lying around the park or in pathways, etc; this is the open,

obvious and inherent nature of an amusement or water park environment. As such, the park

disclaims all liability, and shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any trip, slip,

and/or fall you and/or any minor(s) in your care may suffer, Nor for ANY INJURIES CAUSED

FROM walking OR STUMBLING into objects or structures OR FALLING OVER OBJECTS

OR STRUCTURES. By entering the park, you automatically agree to this waiver of all such


o No Running (it poses a collision, trip, slip and fall hazard).


o Slippery Surfaces. Surfaces may be slippery or wet—especially in bathrooms, on and

around any water attractions, and in cafes or food areas.

o Dress for Safety.  No loose/oversized/baggy clothing or accessories which are not

thoroughly secured to your person, or any carried items, on any ride or attraction which may

pose a hazard. Prohibited items may include, without limitation (depending on the specific

ride), any form of headwear, scarves, long belts, fringed materials, high heels, loose

footwear, wigs, purses, backpacks, or any dangling fabric. If you choose to wear unstable,

loose or ill-fitting shoes to the Park (e.g., high heels, flip-flops, clogs, loose sandals or Crocs

or slip-ons, etc.), realize that you are creating a hazard for yourself in a crowded park, and

you may not be able to partake in certain attractions. We urge you to wear secure,

comfortable footwear.

o No Monkeying Around. No climbing on or hanging from, any structures, trees, lamp posts,

wiring, door frames, rain gutters, etc. We are an amusement park, not a jungle gym!

o Be Seated – Carefully.  Benches and chairs are for sitting only—not jumping on or over, nor

standing on. If you are obese, or especially large and heavy, proceed with caution when

sitting, and check the chair/bench’s stability. Multiple persons should never share the same

single-person chair.

o No “Sitting on the Fence” … Literally. Fences, railings and banisters should never be

leaned on, sat upon, stood upon, twirled on, or jumped/vaulted over. Doing so causes

damage to Park property and people may get injured.

o Stop! Parking is reserved for Safe Drivers. Parking lots are, by their very nature,

hazardous places where you must act cautiously and pay attention at all times for yourself

and those in your care (minors, elderly needing assistance, disabled persons, etc.). Please

drive slowly and carefully at all times (including into and out of parking spaces, or when

entering or exiting the lot), realizing that children may be running about, that elderly or

disabled may not hear or see your car, etc. The park shall not be liable for theft, break-ins,

car collisions or other property damage, and the park has zero liability for anything occurring

on public roads.

o Hands Free. Electronic devices, including photographic or recording equipment (e.g.,

phones of any kind, selfie-sticks, camcorders or cameras of any kind, flashlights, radios,

iPods, etc.), are not permitted on any ride. Phones, cameras and other devices pose a

serious safety hazard on rides. Depending on the ride, all such devices must (in the Park’s

discretion) either be completely secure on one’s person, or may not be allowed at all (even in

your pocket). Electronic devices, and any hand-held object of any kind (lotion, keys, iPhones,

etc.), is totally prohibited on water rides.

o Know Before You Go! Before getting on a ride, make sure to observe the ride in operation,

and how people board and exit. If anything makes you uncomfortable about participating,

please do not participate. If you do choose to participate, realize that you are assuming all

risks of the ride or attraction in which you are participating.


o See all Safety, Hear all Safety, Speak all Safety.  READ AND ABIDE BY ALL SAFETY


INSTRUCTIONS. If you have questions, PLEASE ASK an attendant. If you see something

unsafe, PLEASE TELL an attendant.


WARNING! Assess Your Capabilities BEFORE You “Just Do It”

Rides and other attractions at the Park can provide our guests with wonderful memories and

exhilarating fun! But amusement and water rides also can be adrenaline-pumping activities which

put substantial strain and forces on your body and senses, through rapid acceleration, speed,

sudden movements, and the unpredictable motion of a ride, which may thrust your body about in

different directions, causing muscular strain and stress on your body such as on your neck and back,

and accelerated heart rate and blood pressure.















Guest with disabilities

Welcome! Our goal is to fully accommodate our guests with disabilities possible and in compliance

with the law. Most of our attractions and restaurants are accessible to guests with disabilities,

including, among others, those using wheelchairs.

If you (or someone you are responsible for) have a particular disability or special need, we

encourage you to contact the Park and speak with a guest service associate at least 48 hours in

advance of your visit to better assist us in preparing for your visit. If you have a group of disabled

persons, a week’s advance notice would greatly help us to better serve you.

Note that the Park does NOT provide medicine, insulin, Epi pens or oxygen tanks, or other medical

treatments or devices, other than basic first aid; please plan your visit accordingly.

While the Park complies with federal and state disability and accommodation laws, there may be

some rides or attractions, activities, or areas of the Park, which may not be safely accessible to all

persons. At the Park, safety is the only consideration that takes precedence over fun! Thrill rides, by

their nature, create forces and speeds that may not be acceptable or tolerable to some guests and

may cause injury to some riders with known or unknown pre-existing conditions. For your protection,

many of the rides and other attractions at the Park incorporate safety systems that are designed to

accommodate people with certain characteristics, such as average physical stature and body

proportion. These safety systems may place restrictions on the ability of certain individuals to safely

experience an attraction.

In general, you should only engage in activities or rides, or participate in certain attractions, if you

are in good health and believe that you can safely do so, and only then if you are not under the

influence of any drugs or alcohol or other substances which may impair your judgment or ability to

safely enjoy a ride or activity.  Do not ride if you know or suspect that you may be pregnant, have

high blood pressure or other heart condition, neck, back/spine or body problems, motion sickness or

balance issues, recent surgery, neurological or vision disorders, conditions affecting coordination

and muscle control, seizures or fainting spells, or any other medical condition that may affect your

ability to fully enjoy the activity or ride in a safe and controlled manner   You should not ride if you

have any impairment or condition that would prevent the intended use of seating and safety

restraints as provided, or an inability to follow any safety requirement.

Prosthetics, Medical Devices & Ride Safety – Not Permitted.  For your safety and the safety of

others, riders with medical devices will be prohibited from certain rides (e.g., a cast, or a back

brace).  Please keep in mind that most amusement or water rides generate forces upon the body,

and are therefore or not suitable for people with existing injuries.  In other instances, riders may be

required to remove medical devices, including half or full-length orthotics, braces, crutches, canes,

prosthetics and any other type of medical assistance device that is not permanently affixed to the

rider’s body. 

These rules are necessary to prevent serious hazards associated with medical devices or

prosthetics coming loose—which can result in serious or severe injuries to the rider or other

persons.  These devices may also cause damage to a ride.  These devices may also prevent safety

restraints from working as designed, may present hazards with a rider getting in or out of a ride, and

interfere with the rider’s ability to maintain a securely safe and proper riding position.  We cannot rely

on assurances that “my prosthetic won’t come off” -- there is absolutely no means for the Park to

verify the reality of that assurance on a case-by-case basis, or to ensure that a prosthetic is so

securely attached that it won’t detach during a particular ride experience. 

Please speak to a Park manager with any questions or for further clarification on a ride-by-ride

basis.  If permitted on a ride without the prosthetic device, we ask that you have a friend or family

member take possession of the device while you enjoy a ride; if that is not possible, we will try our

best to assist you by retaining the device until you have enjoyed your ride (notwithstanding, please

understand that we are not a “bailee” and we cannot assume responsible for any devices, nor shall

we incur liability for theft, loss or damage). 

In addition, please understand that there are some rides where the existence of all limbs may be

necessary in order for you to be safely restrained.  In such situations, for everyone’s safety, we

regret that we cannot allow any such person to go on those rides.

Operational Policies

o Prices and operating schedule are subject to change without notice.

o All attractions are subject to temporary maintenance, safety or inclement weather


Dress Code - No Inappropriate Clothing or Nudity

In keeping with a family-friendly environment, the Park prohibits clothing that would tend to

be offensive and/or too revealing of one’s body. This includes the following rules, which may

also be supplemented on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Park, in its good faith

discretion and without further notice:

o Amusement Park Attire – Shoes and appropriate clothing are required at all times.

(e.g., shirts must fully cover the belly, all “private” body areas must be appropriately

covered, and the Park does not allow sagging clothing that may reveal

undergarments or swimsuits, including sports bras). Shirts or other coverings must

cover at least 75% of the surface area on your back.


o Water Park Attire – Appropriate swimwear is required for water rides or water-play

structures. Swimwear which is too provocative or revealing, including without

limitation, transparent or mesh-style material, is prohibited. Use of diving mask that

cover the nose are not permitted to be worn in the waterpark.

o For safety reasons and to prevent property damage of rides and attractions, the Park

prohibits cut-off jeans, denim shorts, clothing/swimwear with metal rivets or spikes,

metal fasteners or buckles, or belts. Shoes of any kind are not allowed on any water

slide or tube rides.

o The Park prohibits any jewelry that may pose a hazard to the rider, other guests, the

rides itself, or other property. Prohibited items may include: bulky, protruding or

dangling jewelry (e.g., large hoop earrings which could snag on something, long

necklaces which can pose a strangulation hazard, bulky rings, and any piercings that

could snag or catch on equipment).

o Masks, horror, or Halloween-style attire is not permitted. We do not permit clothing

that depicts violence.

o Appropriate “public” clothing. No pajamas, bath robes, lingerie, indoor slippers,

costumes of any kind, etc.

o No vulgar or offensive tattoos, statements or artwork on clothing. This includes curse

words, depictions of sexual acts or nudity, depictions or messages of violence, and

racially or religiously divisive/hateful material. 


o No gangland clothing, hand-signs, “colors,” or tattoos.

Rules of Guest Behavior

All guests must behave in a family-friendly, respectful, and courteous manner, and in a

manner which is safe for themselves and for others. Violations may result in ejection from

certain rides, attractions, areas of the Park, or from the Park itself, without refund or other

compensation. They may also result in the Park contacting appropriate law enforcement

authorities.  The following is strictly prohibited, subjecting the violator to ejection without


o Fighting. The Park does not tolerate aggressive or threatening behavior.  This

includes fights (physical or verbal), challenges to fight or any threat thereof (whether

to an intended victim or comments in general expressing a desire or intent to hurt

another person), or any form of physical assault upon or intimidation of another

person. You may also be ejected for any pushing, roughness, “chest bumping,”

aggressive moves (e.g., clenching fists, getting face-to-face with another, getting into

a fighting stance, etc.), or other physically aggressive conduct.

o Offensive Conduct. We run a family-friendly Park, where people should be civil and

courteous of one another. Prohibited conduct includes profanity, cursing, making

offensive comments or gestures, pushing, spitting, flashing of body parts, and other

offensive conduct.

o Sexual Activity or Misconduct.  Sexual activity, and displays of sexuality, are

inappropriate for a family-friendly amusement Park.  Guests may be asked to cease

such activity and warned about the possibility of ejection, or they may be ejected

without refund (in the Park’s discretion, depending on all factors). In the more

offensive and graphic instances, the offending persons may be held for law

enforcement.   In any event of reported sexual misconduct, the Park may eject

offending persons or hold them for law enforcement depending on all of the facts and

circumstances of the alleged misconduct.  In such instances, the alleged victims (or

their parent/guardian, if they are minors) will be consulted on whether or not they

want law enforcement involved.  However, regardless of a parent/guardian’s wishes,

the Park may nonetheless contact appropriate law enforcement authorities if the Park

deems it advisable or is required to do so by law.  If minors claim to have been

victims of sexual misconduct, and appear to be without a parent/guardian at the

Park, then the Park will seek to contact the parents by phone, but  will likely contact

the appropriate law enforcement authorities and will also adhere to any mandatory-

reporting laws, if any apply.

o Unruly Behavior. “Horseplay” in any amusement or water Park setting can be

dangerous to you and to those around you. Accordingly, all manner of “horseplay” is

prohibited, including without limitation, jumping over any objects (benches, fences),

diving or jumping into water structures, climbing on trees or structures (buildings,

lamp posts, etc.), standing on tables or chairs, climbing up or jumping over

barricades and fences, wrestling, playing tag or chasing each other, throwing items

(shoes, food, rocks, sticks, rafts or inner tubes, etc.), jumping down stairs, twirling

around banisters, gymnastics-like activities (kart wheels, flips, splits, handstands,

etc.), or any sports-like activity (throwing a football or Frisbee across crowds, kicking

a soccer ball around the Park, etc.). Please walk through the Park (no running), stay

on the walkways, and always watch where you are going. Refrain from entering any

landscaped areas—landscaped and planted areas such as flower beds are not

meant for guests to tread upon! Exercise caution when going up or down stairs, or

when traversing any areas with tree roots.

o Courtesy for the Disabled.  Please respect people with disabilities, the elderly and

the infirm, and any areas (seating, parking spaces, etc.)  which may be reserved for

them.  Please be patient if you are waiting on line, while we seek to accommodate a

guest with special needs.  Courtesy and kindness are appreciated and make life

nicer for everyone!

o Line-Cutting/Line-Saving. Guests may not save places in line for themselves or

others; let friends, family, or others later join them in line or take their place in line;

push past or bypass others; or leave and return to “their space”.  If you or anyone in

your group leaves a line--for whatever reason (including the need to use a restroom),

then upon that person’s return, that person must go to the back of the line.  No

exceptions. Please understand that in order to prevent chaos, confrontations and

unhappy guests, we must enforce these strict rules.

o Smoking. Smoking of any substance, through any means, is not permitted unless

located in a designated smoking area, including without limitation, cigarettes, pipes,

cigars, hookahs, marijuana, bongs or electronic cigarettes.

o Medical Marijuana? Marijuana is strictly prohibited on premises, whether in

the Park, designated smoking area, or in the parking lots, or anywhere else

on, in, or around, Park grounds. If you have a medical marijuana card, this

does NOT entitle you to have marijuana on Park grounds. Anyone in

possession of marijuana, or using marijuana, will be ejected from the Park.

o Electronic Cigarettes? Use of electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited within

the park. There is no way for the Park to determine what is in such devices,

nor whether such a device is actually for “smoking” and not a weapon or

some other sort of device. Minimally, electronic cigarettes are annoying

and/or a concern to the majority of our customers who do not wish to be

subjected to whatever substance people may be “smoking.”


o Drugs.  Illicit drugs are strictly prohibited.  Authorities may be called for anyone in

possession of, using, selling, or distributing, any illicit substances.

o Property Damage and Theft. Any damage to or destruction of Park property (or the

property of another), or theft of any property, will not be tolerated. Offenders may be

held for appropriate law enforcement authorities and will be ejected from the Park

o Diving or Entry into any Decorative Water Feature. Decorative water features may

include ponds, streams and fountains, which may be natural or man-made. Entry of any kind

into such a decorative water feature is prohibited. Diving, “flops,” flips, or

“cannon balls” are prohibited at all times.

Entry into Employee-Only and other Non-Guest Areas. Many non-guest areas

can pose deadly hazards—do NOT enter these areas! Guests are strictly prohibited

from entering any area with obvious signage such as, “EMPLOYEE ONLY,” “NO

ACCESS,” “KEEP OUT,” or “DO NOT ENTER.” However, it is also common sense

that guests should refrain from entering any maintenance areas, work shops, offices,

tool sheds, electrical rooms, ride motor rooms, etc., whether or not such areas are

marked with signage. Offenders are subject to immediate ejection from the Park, and

where appropriate, such persons may be held for appropriate law enforcement

authorities. Parents who allow their minors to engage in such activity will be ejected.



Please be considerate of others.

Violations of the foregoing may (in park’s discretion) subject guests to ejection

without refund, or (in the case of criminal acts), being held by Park staff or

security until law enforcement arrives and assumes control of a matter.


Height restrictions

Kiddie Rides

Carousel Minimum 36” Maximum 54”

Ferris wheel (Kiddie) Minimum 31” Maximum 48”

Tubs of fun Minimum 36” Maximum 54”

Swinger Minimum 36” Maximum 48”

Granny Bug Minimum 36” Maximum 54”

Flying tigers Minimum 42” Maximum 61” (adults can ride)

Train Minimum 36” Maximum 54”

Adult Rides

Pirate Ship 48”

Parachute Minimum 36”

Octopus Minimum 42”

Bumper Cars Minimum 42”

Tilt a whirl Minimum 46” without adult with adult 36”

Roll o Plane Minimum 48”

Funhouse Minimum 36”

Water Jumper Minimum 42”

Galaxy coaster Minimum 51”

Swinger Minimum 42”

Ferris wheel Minimum 48” 36 “with an adult

Go Karts (1 Green Ticket) 54" 36" with an adult

Height restrictions are set in place and cannot be adjusted by ANY employees. If your child

does not meet these requirements DO NOT ASK AN EMPLOYEE TO BREAK THE RULES.

These are for the safety of your child, and we will not tolerate any customer demanding their

child is tall enough when they are do not meet the height requirements.


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