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galaxy 500

Say hello to one of our newest attractions, the Galaxy 500! Installed in our park in 2020, this thrilling coaster has more twists and turns than any coaster in the area. Originally hailing from Missouri, the Galaxy 500 was first built in 1983. 



Constructed in 1947 by the famous Eyerly Company, this old-school ride is in such good condition that it could be in a museum! We renovated and installed it in 2019 and we're excited to bring it back to life in the park.

Roll-o-plane ride at cedar valley.jpg


Constructed in 1943 by the Eyerly Company to train pilots, the Roll-O-Plane caught the eye of a salesman who had the idea to bring it to the fair! It was an overnight sensation, and we're proud to bring it back to life at our park. 

Scenery at Wild Frontier Fun Park.jpg


Originally destined for a life on the road our tilt-a-whirl was deconstructed every week to travel from fair to fair. We gave it a more permanent home in 2017 when we got out hands on it, and it's been a fan favorite ever since! 


kiddie coaster

This kiddie coaster was designed by the famous Allen Herschell Company in New York. Created in 1956, there's only 11 rides like this left in the entire country! Visit us this summer to check out this vintage gem for yourself. 


fun slide

Slide as much as your heart desires with our classic fair ride, installed in 2019!



Are you ready to conquer our zip-line? Strap in for 300 feet of speeding fun and zoom across the park in spectacular fashion! Our zip-line was installed by Extreme Engineering in 2019 and has been a favorite for all ages since. 

Carousel at Cedar Valley Amusement Park.


Every classic amusement park needs to have a merry-go-round! Our easy riding carousel is a great way to introduce your kids to the park. Will your family be checking out the carousel this summer?

water jump

Did you know that our water flume is the only one of its kind in the entire world? After years of renovations and updates, our unique water ride is finally ready for you. 

Wild Frontier Fun Park Ferris Wheel.jpg

ferris wheel

Our hard-to-miss ferris wheel is the result of two ride building companies (Gabrick & Sellner) collaborating in 1971. We acquired this towering treasure from California in 2019 and installed it in the heart of the park!



Check out the Cactus Wheel, one of our retro rides that we've recently acquired!



Your family will have a ball on our classic kiddie swing ride, a staple of the fair. 

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